Monday, July 30, 2007


Whether you offer them a single room or an entire house,create relaxing for your guests.Skip the extravagant and focus on simplicity.Cosy furniture,reading materials and natural color scheme invite guests to relax in comfort.
Maximise space by creating separate areas in one room.A rug in a sitting area pulls chairs and couches together and invites guests to skip off their shoes and prop up their feet.Use a small room divider to beak up the space and create privacy.Paint the divider a shades that matches the room, so it becomes another pieces of furniture.
As a host,you are in charge of pampering your guests,but you don't have to wait on them hand and foot,day and night.Just make them feel special with personalized attention.Greet them by setting out fresh fruit,plush towels and extra pillows.They'll never want to leave.
Whether your guest room walls are blank white or mishmash of color,invent a new look with a fresh coat of paint or inexpensive artwork.
  • Try simple paint treatment to make a big difference.Add architectural interest by painting a contrasting color on the bottom of the walls, or paint a border to create dimension on the room.
  • Find vintage magazine at a thrift store,then frame the covers on other interesting photos for unusual art.Create a theme in the room with landscape photos or divas from old magazines covers.
  • Use black and white prints to add a touch of style to bare walls.

No Shopping Required.

You don't need new furniture for your guest room.Even hand-me-downs from others rooms.Grouped with the right accessories,create a chic get away.

  • Paint mismatched furniture in complementary hues.Choose a neutral shades, such as white or a pale pastel, for the beds and bright matching color for a desk or dresser.There's a paint for almost any surface these days.So any piece that's sturdy has potential.Apply the same treatment to decorative accessories.
  • Think creatively about artwork for the walls.Groupings of decorative plates,small mirrors,framed vintage textiles,old signage,license plates or tools make a strong visual impact over a bed or accent table.
  • Hang sheer curtains so guests experience privacy but still enjoy view.
  • Choose bedding that accents the furniture and walls to tie the room together.
  • Don't have a bedside table for the guest room?A stack of old suitcases does the job while providing storage for linens.Large books in a sturdy stack also a lamp in a pinch.A butler's tray painted in a coordinating color works well as a side table and is easily portable to accommodate other uses in a small room.
  • Remember to provide entertainment.With plenty of free time, guests might enjoy working a puzzle or sitting back to savor the aroma of fresh-picked flowers.Offer empty vases and they can create their own bouquets.
  • Purchase a wiring kit at a hardware store or home improvement center to turn unusual object into lamp.With a little imagination teapots,vases,bottles,tripod and old table legs take on a second life as a lamp.

Quick tips.

  • Dress up your pillowcases to complete a bedding set.Simply fuse a ribbon border on plain cases; your guest will think you bought new linens for their visit.
  • Cover ordinary storage boxes with fabrics and stash your favorite mementos in style.
  • Hang sheer draperies.Pulled during the day to block the sun,they create a dreamy atmosphere perfect for taking a nap.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tips and ideas.

1. The house is big, but you can made it look bigger by opening up the walls to natural light and ventilation, less walls also give rooms more flexibility.

2. The open kitchen concept improves interaction and makes cooking a lot more fun. You can still join in the conservation while cooking, or friends can help out in preparing the ingredients.

3. Floor to ceiling cabinetry can look very harsh and cold, so try breaking it up with display niches in order to add a subtle decorate element.

4. Simple cantilevered shelves can create the most interesting displays. Stack them up in different lengths, then group the displays by colour for a neater effect.

5. Besides using artwork to decorate a wall, try hanging up textiles for a less expensive yet equally striking choice.

6. To change a room's look, try a string bead curtain.

7. Not enough seating ? Pile your cushions on the floor, not they are versatile decor accents, they are also convinience extra seats.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It definitely need passion and enthusiasm to take on a job like being interior designer , contractor.When ever there is a chance like a break or waiting for that lift, questions always pops into 'our head....what is exactly the nature of creativity , what are specific benefits and the functional of the habitants??

Does the design really serves the client's purpose or concepts to people who have different lifestyles and requirements??

Thereafter, we have derived a conclusion.Designing can be described as Tai Chi practice , it need a give and take flow to the strike the balance.The role of habitant is the energy source behind the design and it's function, while the designer provide the necessary skills of building.What really matters is that the home is functional in all aspects.

Looking back , we are assured that what our client really want was not the luxury that is seen on the surface but the comfort and ease of use on a day to day basis.At the same time , the interior design blends in the elaboration of the concept in a way to match the spirit of ours.Contact ours for more info.


Living room.

  • Honey, cinnamon and latte hues conjure up spacious , classy feel.

  • Enlarge your space visually using palette of creamy shades that sound as good as they look-From dark chocolate to latte.A touch of malt gold and material sheen add character to the mix.


  • Wet your appetite with colours as luscious as the food in your kitchen.

  • It is said that colour like oranges and reds make food look more appetising.So , use them in your kitchen and mix with contrasting shades, which will bring out the vibrancy of those fiery hues.


  • Create a lush ,soothing care for slumber and other nocturnal activities.

  • Pamper yourself with a heightened sense of touch in the bedroom.Pile on texture with shaggy carpets underfoot and wall paper you just want to run your hand over.Then highlight dark shades with gold and touch a of shimmer.


  • Perk up and refresh yourself with cheerful colours.

  • Even before you step the shower, perk-me-up colours like lime green,pink and orange can set tone for visual and physical invigoration.Temper with white to cool thing to down.
Renovate smart.
Property and interior design expert recommend some dos and don'ts in renovation.

  • Use a well-coordinated design theme.
  • Increase the illusion of space and light through the use of glass and mirrors.
  • Keep the interior design clean and simple.
  • Use brands that people know, especially for fixtures like taps , toilet bowl and built in appliances.
  • Be prudent - keep your Reno budget within 10 to 15 percent of your home cost.

  • Go for overly - strong themes , such a classical schemes.
  • Add to many built in , they depreciate over time.
  • Waste money on expensive fitting so subtly designed that they don't look expensive.
  • Splurge on luxury fitting that only appeal to niche taste, such jacuzzi bath.
  • Splurge on expensive , rare marble flooring that may not be truly appreciated by your home potential buyers.
Up Your Homes Appeal!

Living Room.

  • The living room is the first room that people see when they enter your home , so it's important to give it a bright feel & keep it uncluttered.If you have the budget , better flooring like marble & timber stripped flooring will help.
  • Increase the feel of airiness , amount of light & illusion of space in the living area.You can consider installing mirrors & full height windows.
  • Lot's of light is essential.Also , avoid having too many textures , colours & object,which might make the living room feel cluttered-people wouldn't be able to enjoy the space or see the potential it can have for them.


  • Keep the bathroom practical by choosing non slips tiles to enhance safety.Use brands that people know for fixtures like taps,toilet bowl &others built in appliances as they are perceived to be of better quality.
  • A nice functional bathroom will always enhance the appeal of home - but fitting of a moderate quality will do.You could spend a lots of money purchasing lacquered cabinets , designer fittings or expensive long bath , but not many would appreciate those.
  • The bathroom should be a place to relax.Make it well-lit and airy & add something different.For example , create an outdoor shower or sunken bath tub , or try placing in garden!!!


  • It's is important to functional kitchen.So invest in well-make kitchen cabinet.They don't need to be branded but they should be of good quality.
  • A functional & beautiful kitchen will always help to sell a house.Don't forget the laundry area too.Proper storage & hanging spaces may help enhance value.Since we all have to laundry.
  • The kitchen is the heart of the house in many household.So it should be a pleasant space.Create a homely feel & keep it well ventilated so family members will want to gather there.


  • The bedroom should have a rest full fell , so try to keep it cosy by using wood flooring & warm furnishings.Avoid overly bright colours as they may prevent you from tailing asleep.
  • A coordinated colour scheme will help create a much more interesting feel for bedroom & make it significantly more appealing.
  • Keep the bedroom open & uncluttered & avoid filling it with too much furniture.Place some flower & plant inside the bedroom or in a planter box outside the window.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Decorating and Interior Design Blog Dedicated to Advice ,Services and Arcticles For The Home.

So you are decorating your home and have no idea what to do or how to do it.Where to start or what direction you should take.Guess what?You are not alone! And we are here to help.

Decorating a home can be exhausting and if you don't have the skills and abilities in your back pocket you need some decorating help.

Professional interior designers and decorators typically have tips, tricks,ideas to get your end result faster and with less cost and frustration.but hiring a designer or interior decorator can be cost.

And for more info please email or contact us , we have a lot tips , tricks ,advise and services to offer for you.

Monday, July 2, 2007

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Interior Design

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