Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tips and ideas.

1. The house is big, but you can made it look bigger by opening up the walls to natural light and ventilation, less walls also give rooms more flexibility.

2. The open kitchen concept improves interaction and makes cooking a lot more fun. You can still join in the conservation while cooking, or friends can help out in preparing the ingredients.

3. Floor to ceiling cabinetry can look very harsh and cold, so try breaking it up with display niches in order to add a subtle decorate element.

4. Simple cantilevered shelves can create the most interesting displays. Stack them up in different lengths, then group the displays by colour for a neater effect.

5. Besides using artwork to decorate a wall, try hanging up textiles for a less expensive yet equally striking choice.

6. To change a room's look, try a string bead curtain.

7. Not enough seating ? Pile your cushions on the floor, not they are versatile decor accents, they are also convinience extra seats.

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