Monday, August 6, 2007

Why A Home Security System is Important Today?

In today world's , people Working harder than ever to own their homes.But because of the long hours at work,most people are not at home to ensure that their assets or even loved one safe.To enjoy true peace of mind ,security should be a top priority.

However,it's never enough to just protect your home with secure locks and barriers.A basic home protection or burglar alarm system should also be considered.

This will help deter criminals,detect house breaking attempts and alerts residents or security personal of any intrusion.

And if your apartment is vacant for most of the day or if you go on regular business trips,you may also wish to consider subscribing to a remote monitoring services to view video images of your premises via the Internet or you mobile can pay a 'quick visit' to your home and check that nothing is amiss.

A checklist for protecting your home.
  1. Lock all door and windows when leaving your home.
  2. Change your locks when the corresponding keys are lost or stolen.
  3. Leave your keys with trusted neighbours.DO NOT hide them outside your premises,under mats or in potted plants.
  4. Active your alarm system whenever the house left unattended and before bed time.
  5. Check your alarm system regularly to ensure that it is in working condition.
  6. Keep large sums of money and valuables in banks and a safe deposit boxes.
  7. Engrave identification numbers on valuable items.This can be done at most police station.

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