Saturday, December 29, 2007




In a short time, dogs and cats can do more damage to a chair, sofa or cushion than human beings do in lifetime.It isn't just those cats who sharpen their claw; it is the grease and dirt of their coats, not to mention the shed hairs and their all-pervading scent, which seems to cling forever.

People Who perch

However politely they are perching , they are also causing interior damage to the arms and the base of your chairs or sofa.


Air the room thoroughly after it has been subjected to smoke.The adour can cling tenaciously , especially to fabric covered sofas.


Bright sunlight can fade fabrics, causing especially the blue and the reds to discolor, so draw blinds or curtains whenever this is possible.


Exposure to direct sunlight accelerates deterioration of the surface of the sofa.Dyed fabrics coverings will fade faster and leather will harden, craze and become brittle (similar to leather seats in an old car) In an extreme case, wooden frames can warp over a period of time.If possible, do not place your furniture to too close to the windows.


Upholstery placed under windows can be stained by condensation running down the window-pane and on to the fabrics.Similarly wind blown rain water can damage the fabrics of the sofas.So during the initial period, keep a lookout and observe, so that you can avoid damages and /or stains or you can re-think your setting layout.

Getting new furniture can be exciting......only when you have a lot of choice and you know how to collect your thoughts and heart into it.

Just remember, your sofa must suit both the modern and traditional theme of your interiors.It should be one with quality and value for your money.It should sit pretty in the room and not stick out like a sore thumb and be an eyesore in comparison to the rest of your decor.So shop well and enjoy your new sofa and chairs!