Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you need a king or super king size bed? Or will a Queen be adequate?

I am currently going through this debate with my wife. We have a queen size bed and have done since we have been together. It has been the perfect size for two and a cat, easy to relocate when you move house, a good selection of sheets and bed coverings are available at affordable prices. Everything works well. So why do we want to change the size?

Call it the merry night wanderers! one little children that often end up in our bed. Then there is no room to move, roll over or scratch an itch without waking everyone. Then because you have stayed in one position all night you have stayed in one position all night you can’t move in the morning because you are so stiff!

My wife’s solution is a super king size bed like we have slept on in hotels when travelling. Room for both of us and the one children. But my argument is very strong. It starts like this. If we get a larger bed then the children will always feel free to climb in with us at night, there won’t be as much space to walk around the bed in the bedroom- spoiling the aesthetic look of the bedroom, then there is the difficult task of getting the bed in and out of the bedroom if we move house, they are huge!

A great expense of having to buy all new bedding, from the electric blanket, it gets cold at night here, sheets, duvet, duvet cover, extra pillows. My case is pretty strong don’t you think? My husbands case is he will have more room to move!
So if you are thinking about choosing the size of a bed for your bedroom or a clients, consider my arguments.

Choosing the type of bed is difficult enough, there are so many factors to consider with the style of bed – once you have learned about these, tried out 10 or 20 then narrowed it down – get your tape measure out and see what size will fit into your space successfully – always allow 400 – 500mm either side for a bedside table and room to walk around. Then that is a good starting point for size, height is another factor not mentioned, the futon a low lying bed and the base and mattress, a much higher option.

So loads to think about when choosing the size of your new bed.

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