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Bedroom Furniture

Latest trends in Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom is one of the most desired rooms for retirement. A quiet respite, the space should instantly help you relax and feel at home the moment you enter the room. Bedroom furniture can help you in organizing a space and also fulfilling the needs of a soulful night rest away from the hustle of work and everyday life. Getting a good night sleep is one of the prime concerns when working out a color or furniture scheme for bedrooms.

You get bedroom sets with closets, cabinets and armoires that allow you to stack up extra items. These storage units offer you that extra space to put clothes and other articles conveniently in drawers and shelves. There are armoires that can be used as entertainment centers, and many other viable options. You get dresser and nightstands along with beds as suites where each unit aptly compliments the other. There are bookcases and shelving systems as well to help you stow away the extra stuff lying around. But overall, it helps to work out a theme in-line with your comfort level. Blues, greens and pastels are considered retiring colors, and you could match it all up to harmonize a space with décor articles like paintings, furniture, fabric, accessories and curtains. Work out on relaxing themes and jell it with your personal taste.
Apart from organizing a space, bedroom furniture can be fashioned in the most appealing manner to allow a collage of art and function. You get beds in different materials—leather, wood, wrought iron and a combination that allows you to invest in comfort within your budget. A storage bed , for instance, is great for storing extra linen, sheets and pillows. A leather bed bestows a room with a suave modern looks that is all great; but you must match it up with some great modern furniture pieces or even think out of the box and create an interesting fusion of old and new to infuse your bedroom with a great harmonizing balance and energy.

You get modern beds in different styles. On basics of modern interior design, the trend follows easy lines, open spaces and muted, textured colors and shades. Tones towards the bolder versions are here, but there are beiges and browns too for a serene ambience. You can add depth to any color, and add pieces and accessories in complimenting shades and tones to further accentuate the overall décor. Hang paintings in complimenting frame colors and retiring tones, wall papers are great too, and textured designs can help you personalize a space to suit your taste. Planning helps in fashioning bedroom furniture that compliments the overalls in the most harmonizing way. Measure the space and evaluate your storage needs on a practical level. Also, it is important to have some space around for you to move about in the room.
There are different kinds of beds available, some of the most popular ones being listed here,
Types of beds

Trundle Bed: Trundle bed is normally a pair of beds. One of the beds is slightly smaller than a twin bed, which is on rollers or casters so that it may be put under the upper twin bed for storage. Designed to be used for extra guests when needed, trundle beds allow you to use the extra bed/s separately without occupying extra space.Sleigh Beds: A classic sleigh bed looks modern and comes with headboards and footboards. Sleigh beds can be opted for along with a set of side drawers for more storage space.

Platform bed: Bedroom platform beds come without springs. The bed is actually designed to be elevated on the legs or the support frame. Great for comfort and has a clean, neat and simple appeal, good for avoiding stuffy looks.

Sofa beds: Sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used in the day time as a chic sofa and converted into a bed with the help of easy click-clack mechanism. These days you get sofa beds in the most fashionable designs to suit the urbane lifestyle. A great combination of function and style, it is a great solution for smaller spaces too.

Child Bed/ Bunk Bed: Bunk bed is designed at a level lying very low to the ground, so that the child can climb up and down safely. Look out for safety features—rounded edges and other available features that make the beds safe.

Bunk beds are twin beds fashioned to accommodate two kids. Arranged one on top of the other, the upper bed can be accessed with the help of a ladder. There are many different designs and styles available that allow room for storage and study. Designer kid’s bunk bed suites are great for scheming up a room in different color schemes and styles.

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