Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tablescapes Combining Collectibles to Create Art in Your Bedroom

Tablescapes are a simple but stunning way to add a little something special to any bare space in your bedroom.

Whether it is a collection or an assortment of things special to you, a tablescape creates artwork out of a lonely corner or a bare table.

It is also a very good way of adding to a theme you already have established.
How to achieve this?

Firstly, choose a range of items that have something in common and you feel you would like displaying in your bedroom. Try to pick items with the same color or theme, which should ideally be continued onto any objects in the immediate surrounding area. Try to choose a variety of textures and shapes. Consider combining some flowers or foliage- but be sure to keep it fresh or use convincing fakes, with candles, photo frames and a special ornament or sculptural piece.

Now, onto the arranging. The best and easiest method is to work in a pyramid shape. Place your biggest piece at the back, or slightly off-center and work forward and outwards with the medium and smaller pieces. Group items of similar theme or color together and add in a contrasting texture or color to add a point of interest to the arrangement. Make sensible decisions - you don’t want your tablescape to look cluttered. If you have lots of little objects, create a grounded look (and one that’s easier to clean!) by placing them on a tray or similar, that works as part of the arrangement.

Most importantly, keep your bedroom tablescape clean! Dusty collections have no artistic appeal and look unloved. Don’t be afraid to move items around when you clean to keep the display interesting.

Tablescapes are a quick and easy way to add a bit of personality to any corner of your home.

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