Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Tips for Decorating Sunrooms

When you have a sunroom, you can have loads of fun with the decorating. Decorating sunrooms involves not only the choice of furniture but the lighting and the accessories you place in the room. You need to make it an extension of your home, but at the same time it needs to be a place where you can enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside. You can make this room look elegant without spending a lot of money. Even though you want resistance from the sun and weather, you also have to take steps to prevent the buildup of moisture that.

Since sunrooms have a lot of windows and glass, you need to factor in the kinds of shades you will have at those windows. Rattan rollup blinds or slim matchstick style blinds will provide some shade from the sun and protect your furniture. You might want to take a look at sunscreen shades that will block the ultraviolet rays of the sun while at the same time allow a breeze to blow through the open spaces. If you want privacy, you might want to consider have fabric blinds or Roman shades.

The flooring choices for sunrooms are also quite vast. Since this is a room in which you will be entering directly from out of doors, you don’t want to choose flooring that can become damaged by small rocks. Slate, tile and concrete work well. You can choose to paint the concrete with one of the brands that add a decorative touch to the floor and look as if you have granite or marble. These flooring types also require the least amount of care. Add an elegant touch to the floor with a rug that will resist moisture, such as one made of hemp or sisal. Indoor utdoor carpeting is also an excellent choice is floor covering for a sunroom.

Choose cushions and pillows for the furniture that work well in outdoor patio furniture. If they get wet, the water drains through and they dry quite quickly. You can get laminated fabric for covering the pillows that looks and feels like real cloth.

When you have the proper lighting, your sunroom can become a place of repose after dark, making it more versatile for your use. Unless you have the sunroom directly connected to your house, you should avoid using conventional indoor lighting. In a sunroom that is separate, you have the option of using outdoor ground fault circuit interrupters to provide you with the light you need.

Try to use the same style of interior decorating in your sunroom as you have in the rest of your house so that they complement each other. Don’t forget that adding planters and wall decorations and greatly enhance the atmosphere of this room as well. You do have to think about the amount of traffic the sunroom will receive in deciding where to place the furniture so that it is easy to move around. Create small areas at each end if your door opening to the home is in the center so that you have this central space clear for those moving in and out.

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