Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are distinctive rooms that see a lot of routine. Functionally, they serve the same purpose everywhere. It is our personal touches that make them unique, so that their routine does not have to include their decor. If you are tired of the scenery in your kitchen and/or bathroom, maybe it is time for a makeover. Here are a few creative, cost effective ways to make a new style statement.

First, give those walls a new look. Flat walls are too often plain walls. One way to transform a wall is to add depth. This is easily accomplished with a paneled wall treatment. This treatment gives the wall an interesting dimension, with vertical boards two-thirds of the way up the wall. They visually lift the ceiling, which is aesthetically pleasing.

Creative painting can also leave a great impression on a wall. Instead of one or two primary colors, try painting on a decorating theme. For example, paint a colorful tent room which features vertical stripes that climb up the side walls and meet at an angle on the ceiling, cabana style.

However, don’t stop at the ceiling. No more is creative painting just for the wall and the ceiling, but it is making quite a splash on area rugs. Painted-on area rugs are a nice way to change the look in a room. Start this project with a design written out on graph paper, adjusting the dimensions. Before transferring the design, clean the rug and paint it with a base color. The design should be finished with several coats of polyurethane.

The window shade is also a good candidate for creative painting, but if you want to brighten up the window, try a touch of tile. Simply frame your window with a border of 4×4 inch ceramic tile, alternating colors work best. This eye-catching alteration does not take a lot of time or money. Furthermore, it does not have to be a permanent change. Tile adhesive can be used if you want a permanent look, if not, you can Velcro the tiles in place.

Tile still works wonders in the bathroom, regardless of the size of the bath. A simple design can create great impact. To avoid a flat, sterile look, select tiles that vary in color, texture and even size. Tile showrooms are a good place to get a variety of styles and sizes of tiles which are leftover from their inventory and often discounted.

Finally, always remember the little things that say a lot. Look for decorative pieces that can dress up an old area, like a new sink, a glass shelf, a vase made from a Cobalt blue glass bottle, and/or bathroom containers that look like pharmacy canisters.

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