Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pool Cabanas

Pool Cabana Sites

Location - There aren't too many choices here; generally you will locate your pool house cabana within striking distance of your pool. There are some things to consider though: how to maximize sunlight; do I want the cabana to be front and center or blend into the landscape a little; do I need to run electricity and, do I need to plumb it for a bar sink, toilet, or outdoor shower. Evaluate the pros and cons of your preferred site in all four seasons. The surrounding foliage (and weather) can be very different from one season to the next. All of these considerations may have some impact on where you decide to build your pool house.

Once you have decided on a site, choose a cabana size that'll suit your needs (see 'choosing a size' below). It's a good idea to stake out your pool house to ensure that the fit is comfortable for your needs and that the location is harmonious with your landscape.

Zoning - Decisions made on the size, location, and style of your pool house cabana are not entirely in your hands. Be sure to check with your municipality to ensure that you are meeting the local zoning and permit requirements. If you are under 100 sq. ft. you will not likely require a permit; however, there are usually some restrictions such as a two or three foot set back from a property line to contend with (please see zoning and permits for more information). In some regions there may even be specific regulations pertaining to the construction of structures near a pool. Always check first with your local municipality before building!

Grade - Typically, pool houses are built on concrete pad foundations. Often customers are pouring concrete for their pool, so it's very economical to pour an additional pad at the same time. It's not usually necessary to pour a pad though; patio stones or a crushed stone base work just fine. Regardless of your choice, be sure that the grade is level and that it has good drainage

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