Friday, April 10, 2009

Flowers in bathroom

Today bathroom interior is not less important part of design projects, than all other premises.
Small architectural forms and various compositions from immortelles or indoor plants make bathroom a place for relaxation and rest. But for some reason indoor plants in bathrooms are quite rare in spite of the fact that these premises require that rigidity of walls has been smoothed by gentle greens of plants. Actually, by means of greens bathroom can be made really magnificent.
Presence of the big window in bathing - is an ideal variant for gardening. In a warm bathroom it is better to contain the plants, which have come to us from the countries with a tropical climate. Small window limits a choice of arrangement a little, but more hardy plants here will approach. If there is no window in bathing, do not despair. And in this case there are ways of plants maintenance.
In the big bathroom with a good window it is possible to create a certain similarity of jungle or, as a last resort, small garden. Magnificent ferns and huge leaves of philodendrons will transform your bathroom into magnificent garden. Sprawling betel palms will help to soften coldish shine of tile.
Bermuda arrowroots will perfectly approach for warm and damp atmosphere of bathroom.
Place some large single plants in large bathroom. It can be various palm trees.

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