Saturday, July 11, 2009

6 Essential Tips For Choosing Children’s Room Lighting

When you’re doing up a room for your child you always come up to a problem of choosing the lighting for the room. There are a lot of lighting units in the store but you should choose the one that will suit the whole design of the room and will be safe and convenient for the child.

All the things that surround your child in the room should have the minimal injury risk and the maximum material quality. That’s why you should always make purchases in special stores and check the manufacturer and certificates.

A newborn baby doesn’t need a lot of light for the first months of its life. A simple table lamp with a matt lampshade or a night-lamp will be enough. But in about three months you may start thinking about placing something else. Children lamps in the shapes of different animals can be a good choice – they light up the room with a gentle yellow, light orange, light green or blue light and provide a source of entertainment for the kid. They can be either ceiling lamps or table lamps.A lot of manufacrurers produce lamps for childern. You may check out IKEA Store, for example.

When your child gets older, a simple lamp in the shape of an animal won’t be enough. The room should have a better lighting in the play zone and the area of the kid’s desk where he draws or learns to read or to write. Moreover, lamps in the room should be break-resistant. Your child will also need a bed lamp for reading with a regulated brightness, so that it could provide a good lightning when the child reads and could be dimmed when the child goes to sleep.

When it’s time your kid went to school you should make sure that the child’s room has three sources of lighting: ceiling lamps, wall lamps and a proper lighting of the working area of the desk. While you’re free to choose any style and type for the first two sources, you should pay special attention to the last one. The desk should be lighted with a halogen light – this type of lighting is quite close to the day-light and gives less tension on the eyes.

And at last - you should always control the safety of plugs and make sure there aren’t too many wires in the child’s room.

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