Wednesday, May 12, 2010

6 Steps to Hanging Pictures the Right Way

6 Steps to Hanging Pictures the Right Way ( Steven Rosen)

If you feel something is not right about your walls, never fear. There is an easy and simple way to brighten up your living space - add pictures to the walls. Doing this can give your home some personality and make it more cozy and inviting. Pictures work like no other accessory to bring style to your walls.

The kind of artwork you choose does not really matter. You could head over to the local art gallery for a one-of-a-kind print or hang up some of your children's work. Or you could hang up some of your work. It is not hard or expensive to find the right pictures to adorn the walls of your hallways and rooms.

Let's say you have the pictures that you want. The next step is learning how to hand them so that they do not spontaneously obey the law of gravity and crash to the floor. Hanging them seems like a simple task, but the truth is that they must be hung exactly right to avoid the issue of gravity and potentially damaging your wall. Here are some simple steps to follow when hanging pictures.

1. Select the picture or pictures to hang.

2. Figure out where is the best place to hang said picture or pictures. Larger pictures do better in open spaces, and smaller pictures work great in enclosed rooms. Make sure the picture matches the color scheme of the room. Wherever you decide to hang them, make sure the pictures are at eye level.

3. Depending on the size of the frame, choose the right hanging implement. Small frames can be hung up with just a nail. Large frames may need screws set into the wall in order to be secured. Hanging your pictures on drywall requires special equipment like picture rail hooks to keep the drywall from cracking. If hanging large pictures on drywall, a wall stud complete with screws will be necessary because the drywall will not be able to support the picture's weight.

4. When hanging a picture, never stretch in order to reach a certain height. You will only end up hurting yourself and probably hanging the picture so that it is crooked. To make sure this does not happen, get a stepping stool so that you can comfortably hang the picture at the height you desire. Most pictures will only need a two- or three-step stool in order to be hung. A tall picture will likely require a step ladder, otherwise you will not be able to hang it properly.

5. Use a level to make sure that the picture is in fact hanging straight, level with the floor. It is embarrassing to put all of your tools way and then discover the picture is crooked.

6. Solidify the artwork's presence on your walls by adding some family pieces, as well. This cements the pictures in your home and makes them feel as if they belong there. Personalizing your walls is a great way to make the house yours. Family members can now enjoy it for as long as you own the home.

Author : Steven Rosen consult for AS Hanging , manufacturing and distributor for picture and art hanging system. He also guest blogging for alanzain