Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decorate Teenager's Room With Wall Art Stickers

When it comes to decorating rooms, the most difficult age group to decorate for has to be teenagers and 'tweens'. Their rooms are stuck between mummy and daddy decorating and their own need to surround themselves with decorating items that they find cool and entertaining.

The key is to find a balance. You can either focus on decorating the floor/ walls and lighting in neutral decorating themes and then let the teenager add their touch with soft furnishings and posters, ornaments etc. Or you could let them choose the base color scheme and you look at providing the detail.

Either way, presenting some ideas is key and letting the teenager choose or at least have some say in how it unfolds is important.

For your own sanity, as the parent, guardian, decorator, remain flexible and be prepared that the chosen decor won't last long. No doubt the theme and ideas will change every 12 months as the teenager grows and trends change.

With short term decorating in mind, we highly recommend the decorating base; walls, floors, curtains etc are relatively neutral which allows the lower cost changeable items to be updated frequently.

The low cost wall vinyl stickers available on the market today are a definite consideration when decorating a teenagers room. With dozens of online shops available in USA, Europe and Australia all offering amazing designs of wall stickers and wall lettering and quotes, you have plenty of choice.

Wall stickers are removable and low cost, two key considerations for decorating teenagers rooms. Hit some websites WITH your teenager, remember their input is essential for a happy decorating project.

Top 5 ideas for wall sticker designs for teenagers include:

Encourage your teenager to write a list of their favorite words that they would like on the wall. These words can be custom made into wall words in different fonts and colors.
Choose a meaningful quote, or together you can come up with a great quote and have that made into a wall quote.
Look for designs that reflect the teenagers interest, for example: dancing, sport, music, intellect, there are plenty of options.
For something really quirky you could have a custom wallpaper made with pictures and sketches by the teenager printed on the wallpaper. This is more of a long term project.
Pick out there favorite lines to a favorite song and use these as a wall quote.

Any wall stickers will decorate the walls, but also consider placing designs on bedroom windows and let the light shine through them, or on mirrored cupboards, on bedroom doors, in bathrooms. The decorating piece can be as large or as subtle as the teenager chooses.


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