Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remodeling Tips for Studio Apartment

Studio apartment usually combines the living, sleeping, working and sometimes cooking areas. Planning the whole interior design carefully will make it spacious and stylish. Use receding or light color schemes in your studio apartment. The light color will reflect light and make the room seem bigger. White walls greatly contrast with bright red, blue, green and yellow accents in interior accessories. So choosing this basic color you can play with pops of bright shades in decor as well as use various prints.

It is also important to list the areas by priorities. If you need a big working area think where it will fit best in your studio apartment. Built-in beds and shelves can save much space. Folding and hide away beds and tables will also make your room appear more spacious leaving less obstacles.
The sleeping area can be hidden behind the curtains, dividers and shelves. Other areas such as kitchen and living area can be demarcated by differing decorating styles. Using different materials in each area is also a good idea to divide and demarcate each area. For instance, adding wood to the kitchen can make it more cozy but then avoid using same wood in the rest of the interior.
Use mirrors and multipurpose furniture to make the apartment look as spacious as possible. Get rid of all unnecessary things and interior accessories as they may clutter all the free space. Try and keep your studio apartment always neat, otherwise, it will look cluttered, which is unflattering.

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