Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tips for Remodel Demolition

Tips for Remodel Demolition

Ready to tear out old bathroom vanities or hammer down a wall? Before hacking away, take a look at the following tips. Applying them can help prevent a delay in your house plans

1.Safety First! Make sure your clothing is appropriate before demolishing anything. A long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, thick gloves, goggles, steel-toed boots and even a hard hat are ideal gear for demolition. Even if you’re tearing out something simple, protective gear is essential. An unexpected visit to the emergency room could certainly delay your plans.

2.Turn Off All Power and Water Lines This tip also pertains to safety. Demolishing anything that contains wiring could be harmful, so make sure the right breaker switch has been turned off. On the same note, you want to make sure to turn off the water supply. This will prevent flooding and possible injury.

3.Detach Detach items that are not freestanding. For example, if you’re removing a toilet, use a utility knife to remove the seal from around the bottom of the toilet. Likewise, if you’re removing cabinet or counters, you’ll need to remove caulk that seals it to the floor or wall. If you’re tearing down a wall, verify that it’s not a support wall and that you won’t destroy unexpected wiring or the surrounding wall/ceiling.
These are just a few beginner pointers. Have fun with your demolition project and be safe!

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