Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Living room.

  • Honey, cinnamon and latte hues conjure up spacious , classy feel.

  • Enlarge your space visually using palette of creamy shades that sound as good as they look-From dark chocolate to latte.A touch of malt gold and material sheen add character to the mix.


  • Wet your appetite with colours as luscious as the food in your kitchen.

  • It is said that colour like oranges and reds make food look more appetising.So , use them in your kitchen and mix with contrasting shades, which will bring out the vibrancy of those fiery hues.


  • Create a lush ,soothing care for slumber and other nocturnal activities.

  • Pamper yourself with a heightened sense of touch in the bedroom.Pile on texture with shaggy carpets underfoot and wall paper you just want to run your hand over.Then highlight dark shades with gold and touch a of shimmer.


  • Perk up and refresh yourself with cheerful colours.

  • Even before you step the shower, perk-me-up colours like lime green,pink and orange can set tone for visual and physical invigoration.Temper with white to cool thing to down.

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