Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Up Your Homes Appeal!

Living Room.

  • The living room is the first room that people see when they enter your home , so it's important to give it a bright feel & keep it uncluttered.If you have the budget , better flooring like marble & timber stripped flooring will help.
  • Increase the feel of airiness , amount of light & illusion of space in the living area.You can consider installing mirrors & full height windows.
  • Lot's of light is essential.Also , avoid having too many textures , colours & object,which might make the living room feel cluttered-people wouldn't be able to enjoy the space or see the potential it can have for them.


  • Keep the bathroom practical by choosing non slips tiles to enhance safety.Use brands that people know for fixtures like taps,toilet bowl &others built in appliances as they are perceived to be of better quality.
  • A nice functional bathroom will always enhance the appeal of home - but fitting of a moderate quality will do.You could spend a lots of money purchasing lacquered cabinets , designer fittings or expensive long bath , but not many would appreciate those.
  • The bathroom should be a place to relax.Make it well-lit and airy & add something different.For example , create an outdoor shower or sunken bath tub , or try placing in garden!!!


  • It's is important to functional kitchen.So invest in well-make kitchen cabinet.They don't need to be branded but they should be of good quality.
  • A functional & beautiful kitchen will always help to sell a house.Don't forget the laundry area too.Proper storage & hanging spaces may help enhance value.Since we all have to laundry.
  • The kitchen is the heart of the house in many household.So it should be a pleasant space.Create a homely feel & keep it well ventilated so family members will want to gather there.


  • The bedroom should have a rest full fell , so try to keep it cosy by using wood flooring & warm furnishings.Avoid overly bright colours as they may prevent you from tailing asleep.
  • A coordinated colour scheme will help create a much more interesting feel for bedroom & make it significantly more appealing.
  • Keep the bedroom open & uncluttered & avoid filling it with too much furniture.Place some flower & plant inside the bedroom or in a planter box outside the window.

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