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This may not be the important thing in your mind,but the filling in your choice upholstery gives some level and needs for maintenance.


With foam filling ,you will feel firm and supportive and gives a more tailored appearance .With use over the years ,the foam will compact and lose its volume a little but this process is much slower when a high resilience foam is used in the manufacturing.In term of cushioning,we are also talking about the density of the foam used.It could be high resiliency or regular polyurethane foam.Always look for high density.A higher density means a greater weight and one that Will last longer.Higher resilient foam will last even longer but expect to pay a little bit more for it.


This will have a softer look and feel for your sofa.In maintaining comfort and wear ,just plump and turn cushions occasionally.


This upholstery will give a more relaxed ,casual look and a "squishier" feel for your sofa.It is ideal if you like curling up on the sofa.You will need to plump up cushions daily.



You have religiously learned the parts and how upholstery is being constructed and made .Now , we are moving on to how these parts will meet your needs in the real picture-in the sitting position.


You should ask this questions-"how many people will be sitting in my sofa?".The choice you'll make will depend on the location of the sofa and your family lifestyle-does the whole family regularly watched movies or sports at home together?Decode what size sofa you really need.Remember to make note of the width and height that will fit into your home,including door height and width.

Try to envisage proportion here-sofas can range 2,3 or more sizes to choose from.Rule of thumb is that a large sofa will seat three average size adults comfortably.But with a cozy small sofa,it can accommodate two.And you can also consider having a compact or 'snuggler' sofas which provide an over sized chair for one person only.

Sofas are titled according to their size (width measurement), consider which one is going to be right for you.
GRAND = 21 cm+
MEDIUM = 175 - 190 cm
LARGE = 191 - 210 cm
SMALL = up to 174 cm
High backs and chairs may look best in rooms having higher ceiling as it fills up vertical spaces and adds balance .They also give mass and weight to the composition of your furniture.While some lower backs and wide chairs can give the ideas of comfortable lounging and is highly effective in an open-plan rooms emphasizing a sense of spaciousness.This can be enhanced with modular furniture and helpful in small spaces as it creates flexibility.Think flexibility as you repositioned them more easily.It should be a sofa that can make a big difference to the amount of the seating capacity and an ease of access to a roam.Finding new one that suits you and your family,one that you want to last a daunting prospect,but it doesn't have to be.Here are some tips to help you.


The essence of a multi-purpose living room is that it should be able to accommodate any number of activities and each piece of furniture should make a positive contribution to this .Not only should it fulfill its specific function,but it should adapt easily to a variety of others.Keep the scheme as flexible as possible.The more potential uses you assign to any piece of furniture the better the end result ; to over-furnish is death to flexibility.

It should be conducive to conversation and relaxation and enhance the feeling of pleasant togetherness as the nucleus of a good living-room.This means chairs and sofas to suit different taste and purpose ; a sofa on which one can stretch out;a chair offering head and neck support with perhaps a foot-rest; a chair that is comfortable for needlework or reading .Think out all possible ways of sitting and relaxing before making a final choice.


Bear in mind that a color which you find stylish today may not be so fashionable or in keeping with your change of decor.So our advice it to pick a natural color highlighted with throws and pillows in brighter colors.Even better pick a pattern that will disguise stain like multi-colored design with classic everlasting pattern.


When it comes to sofas, one size does not to fit all.The depth of the seat and the angle of the back will influence how comfortable it feels.How do you know what depth is right for you?Let be your experience be your guide.If there 's sofa or chairs that you find particularly comfortable,measure the distance from the inside of your knee to the spot where your lower back hit the back of the sofa,then buy a sofa that has a similar dimensions.


A one seater sofa is not cost effective as a three seater sofa.One way to see the best value is to calculate coat per seat of the sofa.The best value be the sofa with the lowest cost per seat,everything else remaining the same.


Buy the best quality sofa you can afford .your purchase will be amortized across many years.Plus, it's usually cheaper to reupholster a good- quality sofa than to buy a new one of comparable quality .The best way to keep upholstered furniture looking is to ask yourself the right questions before you buy anything. The amount of wear you expect to inflict should be and indication of how tough and practical your furniture need be.


Regular care is the most important rule.What is quite a quick and simple matter to remove each week become difficult,often impossible,if left to accumulate over month

Considering ,the dirt factor for one thing ,the sofa would get dirty very quickly.With kids around,they have tendency to jump and would dirty the sofa very quickly.You could teach the children not to walk ,jump or play on it but it is much wiser to get a sofa than can withstand the stresses a kid would bring.Because eventually, you still have to clean the sofa.

Spring clean : This should only amount to washing or dry cleaning removable covers-whichever is appropriate for the fabrics.Feed the leather.

Accident : Deal with these straight away as they occur-stains get progressively harder to remove as time goes on.

Manufacturer instructions : The complexity of blends and synthetics and cleaners makes it very important to get these with the furniture,Keep them safely and allow them.

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