Thursday, March 6, 2008

Magic of Colour (part 4)


Creating a home involves much more than simply putting together a collection of stylish decorating schemes; it also means surrounding yourself with materials, fragrances and sounds taht soothe your senses and refresh spirits. Once you've decided on the dominant atmosphere you want for your environment, explore all the subtle, sensula touches you can add to reinforce it.


Making the best possible use of the texture in your rooms does not necessarily mean installing bare brick walls, fake fur rugs or satin sheets. Used skilfully, texture can add interest, depth and sensuality in a vast range of understated, yet very powerful ways. To strengthen a scheme based on natural materials and hues, look for wooden furniture that has been waxed and polished to a deep, satin-like patina, wool fabrics and carpets with a thick, knobbly weave and crisp, waffle-weave cotton, coarse linen and raw silk. Make shelves form chunky, weathered railway sleepres or other reclaimed wood and display pieces of sculptural driftwood and unusual stones together in groups.

For a cosier feeling, choose pile-weave fabrics like cotton velvet and chenille for your chairs and sofa, and drape them with cuddly blankets and throws. Cut up old sweaters to make tactile cushions (or turn them out yourself with jumbo needles or crochet hooks and buttery, soft wool) and place a furry rug beside your bed to tickle your toes. Add a touch of sensuality to formal rooms with finely figured silk and brocade trimmed with fringes and tassels that beg to be fondled, ornaments of burnished brass and polished silver, and mirror-finish mahogany or rosewood surfaces.

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