Tuesday, May 6, 2008


1. Feng Shui-ing Your Clutter! The number one most powerful way to shift the energies in your home and transform your life is clearing your clutter. It is the first step that must be taken before anything else when applying Feng Shui. If you skip this step than you might actually activate the negative chi in your house (that surrounds the clutter) than activating positive chi (in the areas that have been made free and clear for good chi circulation)

Images :Feng shui in bedroom.
2. Expecting Immediate Magic You've heard about the great things that happened to your friend as soon as they implemented Feng Shui principles-so you expect all those great things to happen to you to-right now! Be patient, some changes are immediate, while others may take a few weeks or months. Feng Shui is different for everyone. Each person has different intentions, time lines and energy patterns to deal with. Things will change -just keep the momentum going!

3. No Goals Feng Shui works well when you truly know what you want to achieve. Write down specific goals-be it romantic partnerships, career, health and begin to focus your efforts and intentions on those specific goals. If you are not focused then the results won't be as focused or dramatic either!

4. Not Fully Embracing It Sometimes you may want to achieve a specific goal and you are not willing to accept anything else. Feng Shui will work to bring you what you need but it may not be in exactly the way you expect it. The Universe will unfold to bring you what you need in your life at that moment in order to grow and develop-trust it and embrace the results-whatever they may be!

5. Embracing it to the Extreme! There is a famous saying that "A little goes a long way". You don't need to buy a dozen crystals or completely change all your accessories. One small crystal, a bowl of still water, a picture of a sailing ship may be all it takes! Don't go overboard-too much too soon can be overwhelming and lead to chaos-take small steps-make subtle changes and watch the results unveil themselves to you!

6. Forcing it onto others Once you see the remarkable changes that happen with the use of Feng Shui you''''ll be wanting your friends and family to experience them too! But don''''t force your beliefs on others-they need to be ready to accept it for themselves. If someone does not believe in Feng Shui then do not do it for them without their knowledge. For example if you are making changes for your chld-explain what you are doing-if they are indiffernt that is ok-but they should be aware. Acceptance will come!

7. Your home no longer looks like you! Some people make the mistake of redecorating their homes in traditional Chinese cultural items as they believe Feng Shui will work better with this d├ęcor. This is not true! Decorate in your own style while incorporating the Feng Shui elements you need. In order for Feng Shui to work you must love your surrounding and objects-if you don''''t you won''''t get the results. A beautiful round metal bowl can be placed where metal is needed-it is not necessary to place Chinese coins there instead. Use the guidelines coupled with your own personal style!

8. Being Involved Hiring a professional to do a Feng Shui Audit is always a good idea however you must be actively involved. If the advice is to change colour schemes or purchase certain items make sure you fully understand why and that you completely buy in! Your intention must be there in order for you to gain the optimum results. Does Feng Shui work even without intention? Yes of course-but why settle for average results-go for bright!

9. Not Following Through down the road If you truly want results then keep the momentum up-follow through on everything you want to do or change. A big mistake that most people make is that they change on thing and then never revisit it again. Keep a notebook-write down what you want to change-not any small changes-if it isn't what.

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