Sunday, June 8, 2008

Making the Most of Your Bedroom Space with Mirrors

Many people find it hard to think outside the square when finding creative ways to decorate their home. Well that’s what we’re here for!

Decorating with mirrors is a simple, elegant and easy way to create space, light and beauty in your home but often a design tool taken for granted.

Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms! So I’m here to show you how to make the most of your living space using mirrors.

The most obvious use for a mirror is to look at yourself in. One of my pet hates is having to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom to check my hair, outfit etc before I go out. Always have a mirror somewhere in the bedroom, full length is the best, so you don’t wander out feeling gorgeous and actually have your skirt tucked into your underwear (admit it, its happened to us all once)! A mirror by the front door is also a good idea. It’s easy to check yourself one last time before you leave, can add light and space to a sometimes small entrance way, and is supposedly good Feng Shui, as it confuses any spirits trying to enter your home.

But aside from the obvious, what are some other interesting and functional ways to use mirrors?

Hang above a fireplace or mantel to add a huge amount of space to a room. Make it a beautiful bevelled mirror, a funky art deco design, or whatever suits the style of your room. Instead of using art, use a mirror! It’s also a great way to reflect heat from the fire out into the room.
Try hanging small but interesting mirrors amongst a photo montage on the wall. It will change the feel of it instantly and is unexpected.
If you find a stunning frame but can’t find a picture to go, make it into a mirror. Most glass and framing places sell mirror glass cut to size and will fit it into the frame for you if necessary.

Every babies room should have a mirror. Make it colourful and have interesting things hanging off the frame, or photos of family inserted around the outside. Mirrors are a wonderful learning tool for babies and provide hours of entertainment too!

To add height to a short room, securely attach a mirror to the ceiling to create your own version of a skylight.
A more practical way of using mirrors can include a backsplash for a bath or in the kitchen, as long as you don’t mind constantly cleaning it! Or try mirrors hung on the roof of a tall cupboard to help you see what’s inside.

Mirrors hung between windows add an amazing depth to the room, and there’s no quicker way to create the illusion of space than hanging a floor to ceiling mirror on a wall. I remember I used to go into this music shop that always seemed massive to me, until I realised one entire wall was actually a mirror. It had transformed this narrow strip of a shop into a large open space, and it took me at least three visits before I noticed it was a mirror tricking my eyes.

Mirrors are aesthetically gorgeous and don’t get used enough outside the square.

So next time you have a design block or a space problem, consider mirrors before removing that extra wall!

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