Thursday, May 15, 2008

Using Color to Change the Size of a Room

Do you want to lower your ceiling, but don't want to employ a builder?Then don't, employ a painter instead!

By painting your ceiling a dark color you automatically perceive that it is lower.
That is because dark colors advance. So of course to make your ceiling appear higher, paint it in a light color - preferably white!

It seems so simple and it is.

In general to make walls advance towards you, paint them a dark color. To make them recede away from you, paint them a light color.

If you have a rectangular room and want to make it look more square, then paint the two smaller end walls a darker color and have the long walls a light color. This will bring the end walls forward and make the room appear more symmetrical.

If you want to create a cosy room, choose a warm dark color. This will make the space feel warm and the dark color will enclose the room making it feel intimate.

To make a large open and spacious room, white (or as light as possible) would be the best choice, as white reflects light and the room appears larger.
Changing the perception of a room's size is easy!

Just Use Color.

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