Thursday, November 13, 2008


Often, the selection of an air-conditioner's size is a guessing game. To many, buying an oversized air-conditioner may seem to be the solution to ensure that coolness is achieved. Far from truth, an oversized air- conditioner's high initial cost, high electricity consumption and eventual discomfort due to poor selection would definitely spell disappointment at the end of the day.

Here's a checklist to help you understand and select a suitable air-conditioner for your home.

A. How large the cooling capacity needed depend on :

The SIZE of the room

The PLAN and ORIENTATION of the room
Different room plans and orientations require differing cooling capacity even with the same room size. For example, rooms facing east and west, require higher cooling than rooms facing north and south.

The PURPOSE of the room
Rooms with differing purposes will exude different heat loads. The higher the heat load, the higher cooling capacity is needed. A room's heat load is influenced by many factors (see above drawing). How much heat is insulated also depends on the kinds of material used for the walls and ceilings.

The LOCATION of the indoor and outdoor unit
Higher cooling capacity is required when the indoor and outdoor units are located in places with excessive heat exposure.

OCCUPANTS in the room
The number of people as well as their activities in the room affect the heat load of the room.

B. What are the differences and features to consider when buying an air-conditioner?
Cooling capacity
For 1 hp, coolling capacity ranges between 8,500 Btu/hr and 10,000 Btu/hr in different brands. The higher the Btu/hr, the higher the cooling capacity.

Electricity Consumption
For 1 hp, EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) ranges between 8 and 12 in various brands. The higher the EER, the higher the efficiency.

For 1 hp, airflow varies from 210 cfm to 300 cfm. Higher airflow provides faster cooling as well as better air circulation.
Built-in or external starter
Built-in starters are maintenance free and more accurate.
Remote control
Whether it is wired or wireless.

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