Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 5 Bedroom Design Tips:

We all get stumble across the dreaded decorators block now and then, finding it difficult to make decisions despite wanting a change. Get inspired and back into the swing of things with our 5 simple tips for bedroom interiors.

Use a neutral colour scheme.

A well-constructed colour scheme helps bring a room together. Plan your colour scheme using a palette of three colours. Work with one main color in a room to create the base. Add a secondary color to be used in a smaller quantity, such as for one wall. According to designer, neutral paint colours in medium values will help to create a room that lulls you to sleep

Save your brightest hue for the third accent colour. Use this colour in smaller amounts – on artwork, luxury bedding, throw pillows, wall hangings, flower vases and other accessories.

Invest in classic pieces.

Allocate the largest portion of your decorating budget on bedroom furniture that will have a long life such as solid wooden beds, dresser chests and bedside tables. Keep these investment pieces in good condition and they will provide a solid foundation for your bedroom. Use your decorating prowess to complement your bedroom furniture with luxury bedding, throw pillows and accessories working around your décor scheme.

Choose versatile bedroom furniture.

Versatile pieces are worth their weight in gold. Whip off a throw or summer slipcover to reveal your classic upholstered accent chair, ready for fall or a new décor scheme. A chest of drawers or blanket chest can take on many roles – in many rooms -- as your needs change or you move from home to home. Likewise, an upholstered ottoman can function as a coffee table or extra seating. These pieces will work hard and give you more than your money’s worth over time.

Update with Accessories.

A well planned interior can take you from summer to winter with just a few simple changes. By keeping your walls and furniture simple, you can update the whole look of your living room or bedroom just by changing accessories.

Classic bedroom furniture, neutral walls and upholstery in plain textured fabrics will allow you to decorate around them as you change your mind, update seasonally, or move homes. Simply update your scheme by swapping throw pillows, duvet cover sets, wall hangings and curtains.

So, you can choose a handmade wooden bed for the long term, and complement the rich wood with ruby red throw pillows in the winter and vibrant yellow for the summer. Get creative!

Keep it Simple.

Clear out the clutter from your bedroom by using clever storage techniques such as under-bed drawers and concealed storage. Use a blanket chest to function as a coffee table as well as a place to store your bed linen. Remember, your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax, switch off from the day and get a good nights rest.

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