Monday, February 23, 2009

Choosing a good sofa: 10 tips

How often we stand in the middle of a furniture store, listening to magnetic seller’s chirrup, touching an expensive sofa helplessly…

Unsuccessful furniture purchase is a serious mistake, which consequences can affect many years (it will collapse soon, not fashionable, is harmful to health, and in general, you feel sorry for your money!). To avoid these mistakes, we offer following ten commandments:

1. If you are a private buyer, be sure to sit on the model you like and try to lie down on it. If sofa is folding, try to transform it several times. You will have to do this many times later!

2. If you are a wholesale buyer and came to the factory for furniture, be sure to see how they make furniture (or at least from what). If you are not allowed to do this, choose other manufacturers.

3. The frame of a sofa is made from well-dried timber. (Some CPD elements are allowed, but they must be covered with a protective paint - to avoid releasing formaldehyde resins, hazardous to human health.

4. Your sofa may be soft through a spring block of polyurethane foam. It is difficult to decide what is better. It depends on your feelings. But there are some patterns.

The softer foam is, the easier it is crumbed. Cushions with sintepon or polyurethane foam lose their shape very quickly. Use of a single piece of polyurethane foam is a sign of good manners. Firms that care about their prestige, provide all sofas with zipper, so that buyer could, firstly, learn what he will be sit on, secondly, change stuffing over time. In properly designed models cushions are placed under a small angle, slightly support a sitting man under knees, not allowing him moving.

5. Folding mechanism - one of the most important elements in a sofa. It is divided into three types: book, cot and sliding. Most factories already refused books. You have to choose between a bed and sliding.

6. If you opted for a cot, find out what “sleeping” leg folding mechanism is made of. Support from lat (these are spring plates of veneer) is considerd the best, if they are about 12, and it is desirable that armor would be located across the bed.

7. Do not forget that sofas usually are not used as beds. It is more like a bed for guests and hosts have already chosen orthopedic mattresses for themselves.

8. If you prefer a retractable mechanism, check out what boxes for clothes are made of. Roller mechanism is a problem place.

9. Upholstery. Flok (fabric with pile caused by electrostatic napylitelem) is already boring, but it is easily cleaned. Large factories never use flok and try to avoid flok with “dry” dust, because of very strong electrostatics. Upholstery of tapestry, shinils or jacquarette is very popular now. The problem is that jacquarette, for example, is exposed only to dry cleaning. Fabric with teflon coating is considered ideal: water, tea, coffee just flow off a sofa, upholstered with such cloth, leaving no traces. But the price! Price leaves traces …

10. And, finally, culture of production. There are things which immediately can clearly tell you who did this sofa. Self-respecting companies upholster back with same cloth, as front. And use the same cloth between bottom and pillows. You can see how accurate seams are, how smooth a number of staples is. These are little things, but they say how long your soft quadruped friend will serve you.

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