Monday, February 16, 2009

Tabletop Fountains – Small Space, Big Pleasure

Tabletop fountains are ideal to enhance your décor both indoors and outdoors. Apart from being great showpieces, they also make the perfect gift for special occasions. The best thing about tabletop water fountains is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. Battery operated table top fountains do away with the hassle of having to clean build up of algae in the fountain. All you need to do with these fountains is simply change the water periodically and keep them free from dust. Indoor tabletop fountain are a pleasure to look at, especially if you have one on your desktop.

Tabletop fountains are available in a variety of materials like slate, ceramic, marble, bamboo, copper, stone, wood, etc. Slate is stylish and each of these fountains are unique. Natural slate fountains come in variations of red, black and green shades. Available in a wide range of sizes they look great on the table at home, office, and in the large lobbies of hotels.

Aqueduct tabletop fountains look striking and transform a bare space into a beautiful one. These tiered fountains look charming. The base of these fountains is arranged with natural smooth stones over which the water flows down the tier levels.

If you plan to go in for a ceramic fountain choose one that has some natural elements as well like bamboo, wood, etc. for a nice balanced look. Often you will find these fountains used at health centers and by yoga practitioners for a soothing and relaxed ambience. Because of their portability some tabletop fountains can be moved around and placed where convenient.

Sizing Your Tabletop Fountain

Some of the important factors to consider when you set out to select the ideal fountain are size in terms of height and diameter and base space. You will need to choose a fountain that can be easily accommodated on the stand or table where you intend placing it. Take a good look at the fountain’s dimensions, and try placing something that is similar in size at the spot. It is always better to allow extra space in addition to the actual height required since some fountains tend to be uneven on top.

Fountains At The Workplace

The current trend is to have water features at the workplace to promote a more soothing ambience at work. Many offices have waterfall desktop fountains and are great for increasing productivity and morale of employees. Other ideal locations for tabletop fountains are hospitals where patients can experience the calming influence of flowing water and libraries where the sound of water fills the peaceful stillness. Copper tabletop fountain make interesting works of art wherever they are placed and fit into most types of décor.

If you are considering choosing a gift for a special occasion, consider an indoor tabletop fountain. These make great anniversary, housewarming and wedding gifts. The battery-operated fountains can change a boring corner in the home into a center of attention. Many families enjoy adding mementoes from vacations on the beach to their tabletop fountains to personalize them and preserve their memories.Thus, tabletop fountains are great to add an element of relaxation to your space, while you enjoy the lovely sound of the trickling water.

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