Saturday, March 28, 2009

Curtains - Buying Tips

Using curtains as window treatments can give your room an entirely different look. The great thing about using curtains is that you do not have to spend a fortune to get a designer look. By today's standards, many curtains are expensive but by looking for sales or even sewing your own, you can transform the appearance of your windows for 60%, 70%, 80% or more off what you pay for designer curtains. For example, look for end of season and overstock items. Many times, beautiful curtains simply did not sell so to move old stock, stores will offer outstanding sales.

When choosing curtains, you want to think about your furniture, furnishings, and colour of the room. Regardless of the style, traditional, contemporary, or elaborate, you can use curtains to set the mood. In other words, you can complement and enhance the room by creating a romantic or whimsical look. With so many options for curtains, you can use design, colour, and even texture to achieve your goal. You will be amazed at how gorgeous your rooms just by adding new curtains.

Therefore, before you go out to shop for new window curtains, consider the goal you have. In this case, do you want the curtains to blend in with the background, do you want the curtains to pop with colour, or are you looking for curtains that make a sophisticated statement. Then, you need to consider the type of window you have. Obviously, not all curtain styles look good on all windows so consider the height and width of the window so you choose the appropriate style.

With curtains, you have literally thousands of options pertaining to fabric. Some of these are brand names, which can be costly. However, you can find beautiful fabrics that are private label. The key here is to check the fabric carefully before buying. In this case, the private label could mean sub-par quality or it could be high quality. Therefore, pay attention to the look and feel. Typically, if the fabric looks and feels expensive, then the quality is probably good. However, if the fabric is thin and flimsy, you should avoid using it for curtains.

You also want to consider cleaning when buying or making curtains. Needing to have curtains dry-cleaned can be expensive. Therefore, choose wisely so cleaning is not too expensive. Two of the advantages to curtains is that if you choose lined treatments, they can work to regulate the amount of light filtering into the room and help with heat and cold. With lined curtains, you can keep them pulled on cold days and the lining will help maintain a nice, warm room. If you work at night, you can choose curtains with a special type of lining to completely, block out light, allowing you to sleep like a baby during the day.

Start with the fabric, choosing colour and patterns that work best with your room. Keep in mind that you want curtains that also reflect your personal style and personality. Then, to soften heavy material or dark colours, you can use coordinating sheers underneath. Sheers allow sunlight into the room while still providing you with a little bit of privacy. Finally, when choosing curtains, the most important thing is good fit. For this, make sure you measure exactly. The result will be a professional appearance that makes your entire room look fantastic.

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