Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden illumination

For paths. Often use or bulbs built in a path, or lanterns-columns. The first ones specify a direction of the movement, the second ones - softly shine a path and surrounding landscape. So, in darkness you will not stumble any more.

Small columns (may be of the most different forms) can shine a path in radius from one and a half up to four meters. Therefore designers recommend establishing them on distance of 4 - 5 meters from each other that there were no dark failures on a path.

For small plants. Small decorative fixtures (for example, gnome with a small lamp in hands) are usually established near to the plant. More simple fixtures can be hidden in the ground of colors or grasses. At night the bed will as though be shone from within.

For bowers or sculptures. Sculptures can be illuminated only from below. Game of light in bends of a statue will give new outlines to its forms.

For a pond or pool. Underwater fixtures can be both usual (yellowish), and light-emitting diode. The second ones can have various colors and even to change it, being poured by all colors of rainbow. And light of usual small lamps, being reflected from water, will play and flicker not worse than illumination. So, relaxing effect is provided!

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