Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Polish Marble

Marble is a decorative stone that's been treasured for centuries. However, it's soft, porous and easily scratched, especially if it's exposed to everyday living. Keep your marble functional and valuable by safely polish and cleaning services it with a few common household products.

Step1 Fill a container with 1 qt. of warm water.

Step2 Spoon 3 tbsp. of baking soda into the water and stir until it dissolves.

Step3 Dunk a clean, soft cloth into the solution and wring out excess liquid.

Step4 Wipe the marble down with the cloth. Rub old or stubborn stains out of the marble with non-abrasive movements.

Step5 Leave the marble to air dry for 3 or 4 hours.

Step6 Grab four new, clean cloths.

Step7 Dampen one cloth with clean water and wipe all traces of the solution off of the marble. Use another cloth to dry and gently buff the marble.

Step8 Grind a stick of plain, white writing chalk into a powder.

Step9 Moisten another clean cloth with water and cover it with a bit of powdered chalk.

Step10 Wipe the marble using even strokes.

Step11 Let the marble dry for a few hours then moisten another cloth and thoroughly clean the surface with it. Dry the marble with the dry cloth.

Tips & Warnings

If you want to buy a commercial marble polish, be sure to check labels for polishes that work with your specific type of marble. Some polishes should only be used with certain colors of marbles. Avoid purchasing polishes that have acrylic or polyurethane finishes.

If possible, use microfiber cloths when cleaning marble.

If cleaning and polishing a marble floor, consider using mops instead of cloths.

Never polish marble using acidic chemicals or ingredients.

Avoid scrubbing marble.

Don't allow vinegar, tomato, tomato sauce, bleach, lemon, coffee, urine, vomit or household cleaners to come into contact with your marble, as they could ruin your marble.

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