Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trendy House

Trendy House with Unconventional Look
Trendy houses are normally fashionable and stylish living houses. I visited a trendy house with an unconventional look amid eclectic furniture and going to tell you the whole story; our discussion will be based on home interiors. Well it was pleasant surprise to visit a home that is pre-dominantly modern, with hardly a few traditional touches. I got the home best but needs some modifications and alteration. It was Robert, who decorated his house on extremely current and trendy lines.

Entrance should be opened into free style lobby
As soon as one enters the lobby, there is a beveled glass door opening into the drawing room. The wall right in front is not in alignment with the rest of the walls but extends inwards, its beige surface divided into huge squares lending it added character. One learns that the kitchen behind this wall had been extended, leaving the family no choice but to deal with a protruding wall in the drawing room, but they turned the disadvantage into an aesthetic feature.

Glass Shelves
On either end of the extended wall are alcoves that exhibit glass shelves on which decoration pieces are placed.

Room Furniture
The furniture in the room comprises fully upholstered beige sofas, wooden chairs in deco paint, wicker chairs and stool. The center table has a fiber glass base and glass top. Many cushions and decoration pieces and color to the room.

Foyer with a Glass Shelves
In keeping with the contemporary look of the place, the foyer itself is adorned with glass shelves against one wall, held up by curved steel pipes. The foyer opens into the very brightly decorated lounge-cum-dining areas where a sleek glass topped dining table with steel legs occupies a corner. Beyond it is the lounge seating, comprising yellow leatherette sofas placed together in a semi-circular shape.

Adding up Mirrors: Give a space to the whole Room
Atop it, adorning a wall is a mirror lending added space to the room. Against another wall are two mirrors in wooden frames, reminiscent of windows and placed at intervals, lending spaciousness and a unique touch to the room. Wooden tables, stools, a wrought iron tall lamp and a console table behind the sofa all add to the ambience of the area, as does a compact, neat TV unit.

Dining Portion
The dining portion of the lounge stretches to its right into and open American Style Kitchen, which is both functional and attractive, with its ivory counter tops, beige tiles and wooden cabinets.

Couple's son room
The room belonging to the couple's son is decorated predominantly in black and white - with a black leatherette bed along with a black wooden headboard placed at an angle, a funky bookshelf adorning one wall and a guitar-shaped wrought iron CD rack below. The rest of the furnishing in the room are what every boy and girl would desire - a TV-cum-decoration unit, a computer table and a tall white lamp standing behind a kidney-shaped leatherette sofa - which give the room both functionally and appeal.

Couple's daughter's room
Similarly, the couple's daughter's room, done in shades of blue and mint green with a wooden and wrought-iron bed occupying center space boasts elegance and youthful charm

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