Monday, April 6, 2009

Color of kitchen and appetite

Psychologists have for a long time tried to study the influence of color on the behavior, mood and appetite: different colors differently influence not only our mentality, but also our appetite. Let’s find what color to choose for kitchen that everything that you will prepare on it was tasty. And, the main thing, it did not allow us to overeat.
Grey color will help to grow thin
Are you going to loose some kilograms? Color kitchen in grey-pink tones: such combination muffles appetite and even causes disgust for meal! Grey color does not cause irritation, but thus it calms and muffles anxiety, and together with it and appetite.
Pink color (only not bright, but pale) makes the impression of some mystery, in a combination with grey it promotes self-scrutiny.
Orange and turquoise colors stimulate appetite
Orange and turquoise shades, and also their combinations concern to “tasty” colors. If you even will hang up a picture of these colors on kitchen and will look at it during meal you quickly will get rid of excessive leanness.
Orange color acts excitingly, thus it is very warm and vital color and it adds optimism.
Turquoise and blue-green colors muffle irritation because these are natural colors.

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