Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to Choose the Right Lamp for a Dining Room

Choosing lamps for a dining room is about your style, the room's color palette, the mood you want to create and the kind of light you want in the room during the day and at night. Lamps come in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles and materials. Choosing the right lamp for your dining room can be an extension of yourself and your needs.

Choose Your Style

Step1 Define your style. Is your taste traditional, contemporary, Asian, Spanish, Mexican, English country, Italian, Mediterranean, Swedish, Victorian, vintage retro or one of many other styles?
Step2 Decide if you want a table lamp, floor lamp or a combination.
Step3 Determine the size of the lamp you want. Define your desired width and height.
Step4 Decide on a color for the lamp. Decide on the material for the shade and the body of the lamp.

Evaluate Room's Usage

Step1 Track the traffic patterns in the room.
Step2 Define where the room is lightest and darkest both during the day and at night.
Step3 Decide where you want to put lamps. The buffet, dining table, end table and sideboard are all potential locations.

Choose Lighting Options

Step1 Decide whether the light should be operated with a toggle switch, a dimmer switch or a three-way switch.
Step2 Decide if you want soft and warm or bright and cool light. Use incandescent bulbs for softer light and fluorescent bulbs for cooler light.
Step3 Use halogen bulbs for a high-intensity bright light.

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