Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Install Hardwood Floors

This article throws light on various aspects of hard-wooden flooring focusing on how to choose it and also how to maintain it in the long run. The selecting process for your home or office is simply a matter of having the facts, comparing the types, and selecting a professional to do the job. There are so many factors to consider when shopping for types and materials like bamboo, parquet, laminate or vinyl. Let's start...

The look, feel and even the sound of real hardwood are important.

Everyone knows the longevity that these floors have. They can be refinished several times and they will look like a new one.

Hardwood floors will last a lifetime, the investment will be for a lifetime.

Certainly hardwood floors will stand up to the demands of everyday life due to their durability.

The fact that hardwood floors need special care and maintenance. Installation is not a simple task and we do recommend hardwood professionals do it.

Other factors are important as well as the types of hardwood floors. Usually they come in a variety of three types: Parquet, plank and strip.

Parquet Design: This kind of flooring normally comes in standard patterns of 6x6”. Sensational geometric effects can be achieved with special parquet design patterns.

Plank: Difference between this hardwood floor is that flooring boards are at least 3 inches wide. Installation method is by screwing the plank floor to the sub floor as well as nailed. Screw holes can be covered with wooden plugs.

Strip: This floor is used for the majority of installations. Strips usually are 2-1/4 inches wide, but also come in widths ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/4 inches. Nailing to the sub floor makes installation.

Small changes in your home's relative humidity can affect the solid wood flooring, which expands and contracts depending on the humidity. Normally, hardwood floor professional installers leave an expansion gap between the floor and the wall in order to compensate for this movement.

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