Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parquet in interior

It is possible to consider influence of parquet covering on all interior as defining one. The invoice, color and structure of parquet set the fashion to the general color score. No other material gives such opportunities at the choice of style. Light wide strips of parquet boards create sensation of space, light and ease of a premise while at set of narrow strips the floor seems more compact. The light tree adds light to dark room and, on the contrary, a dark tree gives intimacy to the same room.
Much depends on a kind of stacking of parquet. The most widespread and durable stacking “fur-tree” though many already search for other, “not hackneyed” kinds of stacking are considered. Recently “deck” stacking parquet rods all over the world is popular.
In this case rods are displayed in a direction of light from a window that seams were not visible. Other traditional and new figures, each of which has the unique features are also popular.
Even the simplest parquet from ordinary breeds of tree considerably wins in comparison with other kinds of floor coverings, owing to the simplicity and ecological compatibility. Tree, as a building material, has a unique the ability to be restored.
No other floor will give such natural sensation of life and heat, as parquet does.
The parquet from a natural tree creates cosines and inspiration. But there is also one more difference of parquet from other coverings. It remains the same beautiful and stylish for a long time. The present wooden floor in the course of time ripens and becomes even more beautiful. It is the way how the truly natural materials work.

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