Thursday, June 18, 2009

Indoor Foliage Plant Care Tips

Water every week to 10 days.

Water at the sink or outside with the hose. Let water run through soil, drain, and replace.

When watering larger plants, slowly pour small amounts of water, enough so that a little comes out of bottom into your protective saucer. Insure that your floor surface is protected from excess water.

Do the soil touch
Touch the soil – go about 1” down into the soil. If it's dry to the touch, then water. If it is moist at all, wait a few days, and check again.

Never let plants sit in excess water
Most plants will become distressed from too much water. Many plants want to be slightly dry before the next watering, but some plants like to stay slightly moist. Ask about your plants specific watering needs at time of purchase, or go online and find out what your specific plant likes.

Rotate your plants monthly
This way they will get an even distribution of light, and their growth will be more evenly distributed.

Fertilize every month or so with a good liquid plant food. Don’t over do it ⎯ just a small amount is fine.

Clean the foliage
Spray your plants with a gentle water stream (the shower works well ⎯ or outside with the hose) a few times a year to clean the foliage.

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