Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting Issues - Part 3

▪ What if you have an old house with wood siding that has been painted many times and is peeling badly? Unfortunately, I have found no easy, inexpensive solutions. You can replace the siding (expensive), or you can scrape the old wood as well as possible and repaint (less expensive, but still a challenge).

▪ When painters clean their brushes at the end of the day, they can leave unattractive paint stains on the ground outside. It is best to specify a location where the painters are to clean their brushes so that they do not do this in a very conspicuous location.

▪ The best way to manage painters is to go through the house and note locations that the painters missed or that need touch-up or cleaning. Make a list of the exact locations and give a copy to the painter. Then, schedule a time to walk through the house with him and point out the areas that need attention. If you only have one copy of the list and you give it to him, he may lose it, and then you will have no way to verify that the work was done!

▪ Watch out for sloppy painting. You should not have to tolerate paint getting on the metal door hinges, on the carpet, or on the window glass.

▪ Sometimes, in old houses, there may be wood that has chipped and needs to be built back up. In hardwood floors, you can use wood putty (as the hardwood floor contractor to fix these). On interior or exterior trim, you can use a product called "Bondo" to build the wood back up. Check Home Depot or Lowe's for this product.

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