Friday, July 3, 2009

Useful Hints and Tips for Choosing Curtains

They can transform your room as you wish with curtains to give it a classy, chic or trendy look. Before choosing curtains take note of the size, shape and the style of windows or anyplace that you want to hang curtains. The curtains should match the general décor of a room. You can add height to a room by hanging full length curtains or you can give a room an airy look with short and bright curtains.

Today there are literally countless varieties of curtains available in all hues and patterns to suit the décor of your home, from ready-made to custom-made curtains. You can also find an assortment of curtain rods ranging from stylish and trendy to elegant and classic. Perfect curtains with matching rods that blend with your room décor can enhance the whole ambience of the room.

Following are some useful tips for choosing the perfect curtains.
• Take care to blend your curtain fabric with that of your upholstery. This will give a uniform look to the room.
• If you are aiming for a sophisticated and periodic look, go for fabrics with classic patterns for your curtains.
• Choosing the right curtain is not enough, you also have to give attention to tablecloths, towels or bed linens in the room. Colours and textures of all these fabrics should blend well to enhance the ambience of a room.
• You can create space within a room to establish a social zone by placing carpets or attractive rugs.
• If you want to let in air and light into your room then go for gauzy or sheer curtains.
• To have more control of the light that enters your room you can use venetian blinds instead of curtains.
• If the room is already cluttered with lots of pictures, furniture and other accessories, the best choice is to select muted or neutral colours for curtains and also for your upholstery.
• Keep in mind that curtains are not just for windows. You can improvise and use them to separate a long hallway or other areas.
• If you have leftover fabrics from curtains, use them to redecorate your furniture to match your curtains.

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