Sunday, August 2, 2009

Living Room Accessories & Design

Accessorizing and designing a living room is to set up a showcase and yet most relaxed space of your house. It sets up the mood of your home and may range from a casual friendly place for your friends to gossip to a most sophisticated and luxurious setting to make a statement to your style and lavishness. Here are some living room design and modern décor ideas that you can use:

Throw pillows are important accents for living room décor and can add splashes of bold colors to an otherwise muted color scheme. It also adds warmth and comfort to the living room.

Area rugs can be used to cover up unattractive areas of carpet and floors and define seating areas of the room. For a large living room, they are a great asset for defining more than one seating areas of the room.

Painting your living room walls with a neutral color such as white or beige, leaves us more choices for creating the character of the room while buying furniture and furnishings for the room.

Layered lighting plan is best for living rooms so that you can spotlight the reading area or the entertainment area, uniform lighting for a casual family gathering and disco lights or accent lighting for party time.

Media space is fast gaining attention in the modern living room décor and design ideas. Specialty rooms or areas can be created using painted decorative screens in a large room.

Media spaces are generally painted in deeper shades for intimacy while versatile and multi-purpose areas are generally painted in pale and muted colors.

Modern living room décor incorporated features such as bookcases with wide shelves for DVDs and collectibles.

Furnishings, curtains, valances, blinds, cushions and padded seating can add color, style and pattern to the décor of the room.

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