Sunday, October 31, 2010

Color Inspiration - Choosing Interior Paint Colors by Looking At the World Around You

Choosing color for your home can be fun and easy, when you approach it in a new way. What if you carried a camera with you everywhere you went and took pictures of colors you saw that you liked? Maybe it is the paint colors in a large opulent hotel, perhaps a friend's house. Don't forget the best of all canvases Mother Earth, the richness of color is everywhere in nature. When you purposely start looking it might amaze you what you have been missing.

Watch to see how various places use paint to create different feelings and emotions depending on what they want you to feel or how they want you to act. Great place for this is restaurants, check out the paint colors they use and ask yourself why their choices? See if there is a theme in the colors your favorite restaurants use. Remember they say red makes you hungry... do you think it is true?

If you have a very active play room, go to places that also want you do to high energy things, take pictures of the colors they use in their paint choices. Likewise if you want a very healing quite space, a great place is a hospital, I kid you not, check out the healing colors they use, it might surprise you. In Colorado they use a lot of deep light hues of purple.

Do these activities for several days then compare the pictures and see what they say about you and how you choose paint color. Are they all warm, deep intense or are they lighter more beach hues. Do you see a pattern? If you find a pattern you can use it throughout your entire house. If not that's ok, you choose your favorite and use some of the other colors as accent. When you have made your final choice blow up the pictures so you can have the colors matched, any color can be created at your paint stores or large hardware stores.

Also use some of the photos you have taken and blow up for artwork throughout your home, you may have some masterpieces. Don't be afraid to crop the pictures in different places to create more interesting subject matter. Get a matching mat and you have a wonderful addition to your home.

There is rarely any place I go that I do not see how paint color is used, and yes I always have a camera and take a lot of pictures. It is in my blood and I love it. I am not the norm and that's ok someone has to do it and I always hope to recruit some other newbies. I love color and the way it changes emotions, feelings and actions.

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