Thursday, April 14, 2011

Essential Tips to Build Outdoor Gazebos

A gazebo, simply stated, is a traditional aesthetic structure usually built in gardens, outer lawns or orchards.

History tells us that the concept of gazebos is several centuries old and in fact, ancient Rome had many summertime dwellings that resembled present-day gazebos. Despite its historicity, building a gazebo involves using a variety of materials and choosing from amongst different architectural styles.

As a first step, while designing an outdoor gazebo for your garden or outdoor, you must be clear in your mind why you are building a gazebo. This is necessary so that you can incorporate suitable landscaping ideas and also provide the required amenities. Usually, a gazebo is erected to provide people a place for rest and relaxation inside the garden. At times, gazebo is also built for anything else you wish to do – may be a bathing spot or an outdoor kitchen or a dining area.

Many place a large-sized table in their gazebos for dining purposes and/or other table-top activities. If you intend spending time in your outdoor gazebo during nights, it may be helpful to install some garden lamps to illumine the overall garden as well as the patios. For daytime use, particularly during summer months, you can provide the gazebo with a ceiling or pedestal fan.

You can even go to the extent of fitting an air conditioner or a heating system to overcome the varying temperatures of summers and winters. But to have all these facilities and use them, you must be mindful of the electricity and water that may be required.

When setting up the outdoor gazebo, you should identify the spot where you will construct the gazebo and find out the exact space measurements. Do not forget to check the soil to satisfy you can build a structure on it. If you are aesthetically minded, you should also complement your gazebo and landscaping ideas with the existing patio design.

It is good to know that most outdoor gazebos are hexagonal in shape. Of course, depending on your landscaping ideas and patio designs, your gazebo can even go up to eight sides and be octagonal in shape or settle for something quadrangular with just four sides. It is again a question of personal preference whether you want to construct your gazebo with wood or bricks or concrete or any other materials. Many experts suggest walling should have creative drawings to synchronize with your patio designs.

Last but not least in importance is the roof that is expected to lend majesty to the overall design of a gazebo. You can consider the top to be made into a bird house, a weathervane, or pagoda-top cupolas on it, or any such similarly exotic design. Any handyman will be able to build a simple and common type of gazebo for you, but if you are planning something expansive, ornate and fanciful then you will be best advised to requisition the services of a professional.

There are pre-fabricated gazebos kits available in the market and you can shop for them either online or offline and if you choose to buy any of these kits, you can do the assembling yourself with minimum tools and without much external help.
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