Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It definitely need passion and enthusiasm to take on a job like being interior designer , contractor.When ever there is a chance like a break or waiting for that lift, questions always pops into 'our head....what is exactly the nature of creativity , what are specific benefits and the functional of the habitants??

Does the design really serves the client's purpose or concepts to people who have different lifestyles and requirements??

Thereafter, we have derived a conclusion.Designing can be described as Tai Chi practice , it need a give and take flow to the strike the balance.The role of habitant is the energy source behind the design and it's function, while the designer provide the necessary skills of building.What really matters is that the home is functional in all aspects.

Looking back , we are assured that what our client really want was not the luxury that is seen on the surface but the comfort and ease of use on a day to day basis.At the same time , the interior design blends in the elaboration of the concept in a way to match the spirit of ours.Contact ours for more info.

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