Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Collecting for the table.
Here's what to consider when buying items to use for serving food.
  1. Buy dishes without chips or crazing.Food liquids sink into imperfections and permanently discolor dishes.
  2. Select pieces for color and shape without worrying that all back stamp match.
  3. Keep a list on hand of the sizes and numbers of collectible piece that you already have so you know yours needs when you shop.
  4. Test dishes for use in a microwave oven.Fire-King and dishes with metallic trim are not microwave -safe.To test any type of dish,put water in a cup and heat it for one minute.If the cup ,rather than the water ,gets hot,the dish is not safe for microwave cooking.
  5. To use high-quality plates for a special occasion,top each piece with a glass liner that lets the pattern show through but protects the vintage china.
  6. Clean it up,protect your dishes and extend the life of your favourite pieces by hand-washing them after use.

Off the table.

It's easy to put vintage dishes to work in other parts of the home.

  1. Plates and platters add a lovely touch hung around framed wall art or grouped above a sofa or side board.
  2. A deep platter makes a useful tray on a Ottoman,coffee table or window seat.
  3. A dainty saucer become a frame.Cut a small portrait in a circle and adhere it to the center of the saucer with glue or double sided tape.
  4. Glass tumblers act as votive holders.A piece of stemware placed upside down holds a pillar candle.
  5. Flat,divided pressed-glass dishes make useful catchalls in the bathroom or on a vanity.Compote dishes can hold decorative soaps.
  6. Pitchers is pretty color and shapes or with unique patterns make perfect flowers vases.
  7. An enamel ware bowl holds rolled washcloths or face towels in the bathroom.

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