Monday, December 15, 2008

The Perfect Bathroom Design

Imagine ... You enter an airy, spacious bathroom. Elegant colored marble surrounds you, and assorted greenery adds to the sense of freshness and well-being. Start the spa bath, and put on your favorite CD. Now lay back and relax in the fragrant bubbles. You feel peaceful and alive.

After bathing, you step out onto a welcoming warm tile floor and maintain that comfortable, relaxed "hot tub" feeling as you stroll over the luxurious surface to grab the cozy, heated towel that's waiting for you. The days when you shivered every time you got out of your bath seem like a dim & distant memory.

Now you stand in front of your fog-free mirror — no need to wipe the mist and condensation off two or three times before getting a blurry reflection of yourself. In this luxurious and temperate oasis, a "renewed you" serenely smiles back.

Do you like what you see? With all the innovative products, designs, and new materials becoming available through the industry, your bathroom can now be so much more than a sink, a tub, and a toilet in standard white.

You have a great range of options, and there are lots of fun decisions to be made on the way to creating your perfect bathroom!

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