Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Furniture for bathing

Bathroom is very important room in the house. So, it is not necessary to restrain or deprive it. Today we have decided not only to start talking, but also to tell in detail about, how it is necessary to arrange bathroom so that it did not look poor or boring.
The washstand runs out…
It is clear, that the first question, which will be set to us by the reader, is where to place furniture for bathing. But in fact it happens different and it is good, if in your bathroom the small armchair can be located, but usually you can easily place washing machine.
However, manufacturers of sets have provided such “a trifle” as small-sized bathrooms and can offer furniture for a bathroom.
So, let’s talk about bathing furniture. Usually it is the complete set from lockers of the various sizes and designs from the most unpretentious, floor, up to original design of cases.
The most minimal complete set includes so-called “washstand” and one hinged case or a mirror with shelve. Well, depending on the sizes of a premise it is possible to choose various quantities of subjects.

All furniture for bathing is conditionally divided into three categories - floor, wall and combined team. The first group includes washstands, which are established directly on a floor; instead of fasten on a wall.
If you have decided to do without a locker under a bowl, table-top may be wonderful alternative to it. It is necessary to approach to its choice with mind and to remember, that no matter, how beautiful it was, the practicality in this case is more important. In case of table-top, it should be very wear proof. Usually table-tops are made of natural tree (oak or a pine), MDF or plastic. Besides, table-tops can be monolithic, for example, they may be made of strong glass or artificial stone. They are very expensive and require special care.
Surface of table-top (tree or MDF) is usually processed by several layers of first coat and enamel, which is not afraid of scratches and water. By the way the guarantee on furniture for bathing makes at least 10 years and serves much longer. But, despite of such safety measures and water resistance, especially to hot water, it is necessary to be very accurate with table-tops.
As a rule, metal hand-rail-hangers for towels are located of edges table-top, and the bottom is equipped by several cases for different trifles.


classy closets said...

What a gorgeous design! So futuristic and simple.

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